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persuasion by the use of direct personal pressure

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This is why this provision is supposed for introduction to stop this kind of arm-twisting," MP Tekebayev explained.
Analysts say arm-twisting is unlikely to reduce Venezuela's high homicide rate, which the United Nations ranks as the fifth worst globally.
Dubai: At a time when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is embroiled in a corruption scandal, with questions being asked about the integrity of those occupying the top administrative posts, its disciplinary committee has found the former Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi guilty of arm-twisting and misuse of power.
that small companies were not subject to arm-twisting by big firms.
S forces withdraw from Afghanistan and Pakistani actions are seen as nothing more than simple political arm-twisting.
He alleged "by arm-twisting the BSPand SP with the CBI handle, the government has been able to win the vote in both the Lok Sabha and RajyaSabha two days back.
In a feat of molecular arm-twisting, researchers attached polymer chains to an extremely stable ring-shaped molecule and tore it in two (SN Online: 9/15/11).
However,what''s with all this arm-twisting about an elected mayor?
However, what''s with all this arm-twisting about an elected mayor?
Athens -- PNN - The ten ships of Freedom Flotilla Two, as a result of diplomatic arm-twisting and sabotage have faced a variety of setbacks as they attempt to break the Israeli siege on Gaza.
The most common form of physical abuse was slapping or arm-twisting, which 50% of men said they had ever done.
Lisagor why the only way they could pass this legislation was with secret deals, bribes, and other arm-twisting style politics?
The news comes after a week of White House arm-twisting, which prodded BP to agree to a $20 billion fund for claims and a stepped-up oil recovery effort.
While New Hampshire lawmakers can rightfully take credit for passing the law, it shouldn't go without notice that it took a little convincing and some world-class media arm-twisting by AnnMarie Morse and her supporters to get them to pay attention in the first place.
With no small amount of arm-twisting, S&W has continued to expand the "Classic" revolver series under Tony Miele's watchful eye.