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measuring instrument designed to measure power

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Then, subjects performed at least 10 other PAs of their choice from the following list: (1) propelling the wheelchair on a tile surface at a self-selected medium pace or (2) fast pace; (3) propelling the wheelchair on a medium pile carpet at a self-selected medium or (4) slow pace; (5) propelling the wheelchair up and down a ramp at a self-selected pace; (6) being pushed in a wheelchair on a tile surface, (7) on a medium pile carpet, or (8) up and down a ramp; (9) playing wheelchair basketball; (10) playing darts; (11) folding laundry; (12) performing deskwork involving reading and using a computer; (13) using a resistance band (Thera-band; Akron, Ohio); and (14) exercising on an arm ergometer at a self-selected pace and resistance.
Eight adolescents with spina bifida participated in a study which attempted to integrate a computer gaming programme into an arm ergometer activity.
2004) Comparison between the use of saliva and blood for the minimum lactate determination in arm ergometer and cycle ergometer in table tennis players.
While the range of exercises you can perform on an arm ergometer is limited, regular use has a number of benefits.
In this study, researchers used an arm ergometer, a tabletop device akin to bicycle pedals operated with the arms rather than the legs.
After a four minute warm-up period of pedaling a cycle or cranking an arm ergometer without load, the work rate was increased by 7 or 10 W per minute to the limit of the childrens' tolerance.
There was no mention of what the SCIFIT upper arm ergometer costs (February, Quick Winter Workouts).