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Behind Martin stood Governor Grey, aristocratically jealous of the Crown's pre-emptive powers and implacably hostile to bourgeois land grabbers whether speculators or missionaries.
Although Junger's "guarded enthusiasm" for National Socialism led him in 1927 to contribute another article to its main organ, his peculiarly ethereal brand of nationalism was already distancing him from Hitler's plebian formations: the aristocratically detached author (despite his thoroughly bourgeois origins as the son of a successful pharmacist) declined an offer from the Fuhrer to enter active politics as a Reichstag member representing the N.
Friedman notes that these beliefs took hold in Great Britain more than in the United States because of our less aristocratically oriented social structure.
In both Lower Canada and Ireland, four-fifths of the population were Catholics ruled by aristocratically constituted bodies composed mainly of Protestants.
In particular, they resist forms of perfectionist moral and political theory, like that of Aristotle,(3) that define the right in terms of some consequentialist aggregate of aristocratically defined excellences that are, in their nature, pursued only by very few (for example, heroes of great courage and military daring, or men of genius) and are distributed very unequally (only a few persons will achieve the Aristotelian excellence of doing philosophy well, or achieving works of genius in the arts or sciences or politics).
More ironical is his portrait of Lord Faringdon aristocratically descending a staircase in a perfectly tailored suit and smiling with a suavity which would have done credit to Cary Grant.
According to Faust, Rowlandson never forgot the draughtsmanship he learnt in Paris, 'and throughout his life he preserved something of that aristocratically French elegance which distinguishes him so forcibly from that other, earlier and greater "caricaturist"--Hogarth.
Paradoxically, this "infidelity" registers simultaneously as aristocratically extralegal since it takes license with "authority" and as liberal because it attempts to democratize the structure that grants this privilege to the few well-born.
The last round at Watford was a case in point though the Hornets are obviously considerably more polished than Boro, who are in the bottom half of the Conference on merit, and it must be galling for their followers to see their team perform so aristocratically in the FA Cup yet so miserably in the league.
The sight of Hewitt negotiating a Drive-Thru McDonald's, for example, declaring aristocratically, "I think it's such a good service" was inexplicable enough, before his car alarm went off - while he was driving.
Her love, the aristocratically proportioned Oscar Torrado, had soaring extensions and just as easily propelled himself into flight.
From this borderline space, far removed from the day-to-day realities of Southern life, Will can fantasize about returning to an aristocratically idealized South.
Her stage-presence is commanding, even in repose, the bowing arm is as supple as ever, seamlessly fused to left-hand fingerwork, the tone is rich, eloquent, and always aristocratically dignified in the high Russian manner, and articulation is responsive to the expressive demands of the music - as in the finale of Prokofiev's Second Violin Sonata.