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bristlelike process near the tip of the antenna of certain flies

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Malinas, gluma inferior de 6-7,5 mm, 1-nervia, gluma superior de 9,5-10 (-11) mm, con el apice entero; lema convoluta, cilindrica, ligeramente arqueada de 3,5-4 mm X 0,22-0,24 mm, callo o antopodio de 1-1,5 mm, hirsuto-pubescente, pelos blancos de 0,8-1 mm; columna decidua de 7,5-8 mm, recta, con las 3 aristas divergentes, de 18-20 mm, la central ligeramente mas larga, escabriusculas; palea de ca.
megapotamica, por la presencia de las aristas con una columna comun en la base y una articulacion entre la lema y la columna (aristas deciduas), otra especie afin morfologicamente es A.
Robin Nelson, Arista's new Vice President of Sales, and Kevin Zhao, Arista's new Vice President of Product Development, join the Arista team as a recent study by Piper Jaffray claims the e-Learning market will climb to $46 billion by 2005.
Nelson comes to Arista with over 18 years of sales experience in enterprise software and solutions.
Trademarks: Arista Knowledge Systems(TM), Accredix(TM), InfoClick(TM), "Knowledge without Barriers" and "The Enterprise Platform for e-Learning" are registered or pending trademarks of Arista Knowledge Systems.
Based in Alameda, Arista has already started executing the first steps of its corporate strategy to deliver the first enterprise platform for e-Learning by entering into a partnership with SAIC (see separate release).
By developing the leading enterprise platform for e-Learning, Arista plans to help companies aggressively and intelligently fulfill that imperative.
Josh will be instrumental in communicating Arista's commitment to empowering large enterprises to fully leverage and accurately measure the effectiveness of their online training and education investments," said Sam Poole, president and CEO of Arista Knowledge Systems.