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Expression errors arising from semantics errors; unnecessarily used words, conflicting words used together, confusing words, using words in the wrong place, idioms and proverb errors, repetition and logical errors.
Background counts arising from external (to our apparatus) sources continue to be a difficulty; as a point-of-reference, the background count rate drops a factor of five when the reactor is turned off.
As a quid pro quo, however, Finance introduced a new rule to defer recognition of any surplus arising from the regular fresh start rule until the time of an actual disposition of the property.
The Tax Court has aim held that liabilities arising from Federal and state income tax deficiencies arise under Federal and state law (Internet Corp.
This plan does not cover any claims based on or arising from incidents:
risks arising from the downgrade and potential further downgrades in the credit ratings of Doral Financial's securities;
While the potential buyer felt the identified contamination was manageable, it was concerned about the potential for costs arising from cleanup related to unknown contamination and/or other pollution-related damages and claims.
Justice Cresswell did not accept the 'golf course conversation' evidence," said Julian James, managing director of Lloyd's North America, referring to reports of a high-level discussion in the 1970s that allegedly led to members of the Committee recruiting new Names solely to pay existing losses arising from asbestosis claims.
Can a shareholder report on the installment method the gain arising from a sale of the shareholder's stock in a corporation in exchange for cash and an installment obligation?
The definition of income from an active business in the draft legislation includes income incident to the business but generally excludes income arising from property.
93-13, Effect of a Retroactive Change in Enacted Tax Rates That Is Included in Income from Continuing Operations, is an intraperiod tax allocation issue arising from OBRA, which changed the top corporate tax rate from 34% to 35% for tax years beginning after 1992.
the risks arising from shareholder litigation as a result of the matters recently investigated by the Audit Committee or the previous restatement of the Company's financial results;
Damage can occur from a combination of factors--some involving work done by the landlord and some arising from work done by the tenant.
On video-stroboscopic examination, the lesion appeared to be a cyst arising from the anterior aspect of the ventricle above the left true vocal fold (figure 1).