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Synonyms for arillate

(of some seeds) having a fleshy and usually brightly colored cover


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Anthers usually sagittate at base and with lignified guide rails; fruit fleshy, either a pair of dehiscent follicles with arillate seeds or an indehiscent beery Tabernaemontaneae 1.
Fruit with fleshy pericarp, either an indehiscent berry with the seeds usually embedded in pulp or a pair of dehiscent follicles with arillate seeds; seeds often with deep hilar groove on one side and longitudinal grooves on the other or testa wrinkled or pitted; endocarp not forming a stone; endosperm ruminate.
Fruit mostly indehiscent, with fleshy pen carp and endocarp usually forming a stone (pericarp dry in Condylocarpon and Chilocarpus dehiscent; fruit capsular, dry, and dehiscent in Plectaneja); seeds normally not compressed, usually elongate, globular, or ovoid, longitudinally rolled with deep hilar furrow and ruminate endosperm (compressed and with wing in Plectaneja, arillate in Chilocarpus).
Seeds usually without a coma, rarely with, or very rarely arillate (Isidorea).