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We're talking about warm, friendly atmosphere and great sounds because this is the Moseley Folk Festival, now established as a must-see event for every right-thinking man, woman and child who prefers a blanket on the ground to argy-bargy in the high street and small-scale musical magic to Big Brother.
That would take out a lot of the argy-bargy about when teams are available to play and make for a much bigger occasion.
He's one of those galling officials who, at every corner and attacking free-kick, warns both sides that he won't stand for any argy-bargy and then invariably takes the easy option by blowing in favour of the defence the moment as the ball drops into in the area.
There was a bit of an argy-bargy, should I stay or should I go.
AFTER 100 years of academic argy-bargy, Einstein's theory of relativity has been proved right by over-excited scientists.
As if there's no enough argy-bargy in your house as it is.
The forced attempts to make excitement build, The fireworks, the disco lights, the flames; The anger as each tray of beer is spilled, The fol-de-rols of Friday evening games The post-match scramble for erratic trains, The verbal argy-bargy and the fights; The nifty sidesteps round recycled Brains, The frantic fun and games of Friday nights The flashing lights, and sirens on the street, The wailing women dressed as daffodils; The drunken disappointment of defeat, The money flowing through the Union tills The mayhem in the city's pubs and shops, The organisers who will never learn The sooner all this Friday fracas stops, The sooner will some sanity return
Only three minutes had passed when Graham Laws sent off Albion's Andy Johnson and Stoke's John Eustace after some argy-bargy as the visitors defended a corner.
JEREMY Clarkson looks like he's trying to go incognito by growing a scruffy beard after his spot of argy-bargy.
IGNORE the political argy-bargy over the dire Pisa results this week.
She was a little unlucky to get into a bit of argy-bargy at Goodwood, but on her best form this year she has as good a chance as any.
However, judging by the behaviour of the participants of some of our most popular TV programmes, everyone is constantly engaged in a bit of argy-bargy and they don't care who knows it.
At the very least what we have here is a drink-fuelled argy-bargy which potentially cost a great deal of police time and taxpayer money.
He then threatened to bash me, there was some argy-bargy and I ordered him off the premises and police were called," he added.
5 Martin Corry: Got involved in too much argy-bargy with the French forwards before a knee injury forced him off near the end.