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in a disputatious manner

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If scholars wish to fully understand actually existing arguing, we must recognize that participation in a protest of this sort is not an argumentatively neutral act.
This anxiety, usually involving the relationship between interpretation and history, presses allegorical readings into a predetermined opposition to history in a way that argumentatively begs the question in favor of discreet typological reading.
I demonstrate that only the libertarian private property ethic can be justified argumentatively, because it is the praxeological presupposition of argumentation as such; and that any deviating, nonlibertarian ethical proposal can be shown to be in violation of this demonstrated preference.
If more time is available in framework to bounce back intended result, monetary policy can be depended upon while early and essential realisation argumentatively requires greater relance to be placed on fiscal policy.
Glenn Burgess has objected that "early Stuart history has often been written as if it were late Stuart history," and argues that historians have overstated the supposed rift between absolutist and constitutionalist factions in the early Stuart period: "Most men appealed to a legalistic consensus, even many who have been called absolutists'; and the few genuine absolutists were a marginal group, whose ideas were often quickly repudiated by those whom they tried argumentatively to support.
Senior Curator of Oakland Museum Rene De Guzman's essay, "Snapshot," which captures moments of Liu's life that she knew personally, as Liu's studio assistant, is a little diffused and argumentatively thin.
Challenged would have done the trick argumentatively, if not affectively.
We cannot cross-examine either actually or argumentatively the mind of Michigan legislators nor question their motives," declared Justice Felix Frankfurter, a leading Progressive jurist.
Historically grounded, theoretically sound and argumentatively plausible, it provides a rich starting point for further debate and scholarship.
For example, in the case of antipersonnel landmines, NGOs were able to influence the policy outcome significantly as they argumentatively connected the landmine issue with the taboo of using chemical and biological weapons (a strategy called grafting).
Well researched and argumentatively coherent, this is one of those rare books that will please readers of disparate interests.
It can be like discovering a jewel to find a book that is both scholarly and argumentatively sound.
But who is trying to pragmatically and argumentatively fight out the ideology go Taliban or the terrorists?
A picture of unconfined rage, Mascherano, now of Barcelona, was sent off by referee Steve Bennett for constantly haranguing him over decisions the Argentine consistently and argumentatively disagreed with.