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Synonyms for argumentative

Synonyms for argumentative

Antonyms for argumentative

given to or characterized by argument

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Sometimes these reminiscences lead to an argument; for it has been the fate of my life to become attached to argumentative persons.
A homo is certainly a homo," he said, stretching forth an arm in an argumentative manner; "so far as the animal functions extend, there are the connecting links of harmony, order, conformity, and design, between the whole genus; but there the resemblance ends.
This shows, you see,' said Mr Vuffin, waving his pipe with an argumentative air, 'this shows the policy of keeping the used-up giants still in the carawans, where they get food and lodging for nothing, all their lives, and in general very glad they are to stop there.
Lorry opened his hands, and extended them outwards with an argumentative smile.
Micawber, in her argumentative tone, 'to be the Caesar of his own fortunes.
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The housemates boring argumentative need someone great spirit them Despite the backlash, friends set a petition up to get Simone in the house even though she came last in the vote.
The topics include prototypical argumentative patterns in the justification of judicial decisions: a pragma-dialectical perspective, the burden of rationality: why and how the judge should justify her decision, fundamental rights and the rule of law: rule of law as argument for interference, argumentative contributions to the settlement of conflicts in administrative judicial decisions, and rhetorical status theory as an institutional framework for legal discussions.
Every developmental [paragraph] in its own right, is argumentative in the sense that it should contain somewhere in it a sentence or clause whose idea is "to be proved.
Even if they're argumentative with you, stay calm and just explain that you want to see your grandchild.
The editors open the preface to their collection by noting, "Thirty plus years of investigating argumentative and aggressive communication predispositions, including informal argument, verbal aggression, and conflict has yielded great insight into human interaction and conflict behavior" (p.
Just take it on the chin if she makes any snidey or argumentative comments.
Book fairs such as NDWBF remind us that our history and traditions have always celebrated the argumentative Indian and not the intolerant Indian.
I stand up for myself, but he says I'm just being argumentative.
The 33-year-old mother of four, from Warley, was in her car when she was approached by a woman who became argumentative.