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Although before 1920 when he wrote on industrial wastes for the APHA's in-house history, Earle Phelps was arguing against legislation before scientific progress allowed for a way of disposing of pollution with out hurting industry, by 1926 after he had worked on a series of stream pollution studies on the Ohio River and directed the Division of Chemistry at the Hygienic Laboratory, Phelps turned against compromise with industrial pollution.
At the beginning of her work Hunt sets out a point of view that is more an assumption than a proven point, arguing that "most Europeans in the eighteenth century thought of their rulers as fathers and of their nations as families writ large" (xiv).
The constraints of space do not permit me to discuss three contributions that fall outside of this focus: Richard Evans' case study of a nineteenth- century Hamburg merchant family, which highlights the importance of the bourgeois family in business and politics; Geoff Eley's essay arguing that the divergence of German and British liberalism was primarily due to the difference in political contexts rather than any "essential" difference; and Thomas Childers' analysis of middle-class electoral support for the Nazis.
But Rosen doesn't stop at arguing that nice justices finish first.
George Chin, director of student financial assistance at the City University of New York, agreed, arguing that IRS "data is skewed by tax shelters and ways to manipulate the tax system to make it appear like you have less money.
Garrison had opposed the venture, arguing that another abolitionist paper was not necessary and that the editorial duties would keep Douglass off the lecture circuit.
They seemed to demonstrate considerable self-confidence whether in managing the affairs of the state as the chief minister or as censors or remonstrators in prosecuting authority figures or even in arguing against the emperor when he made a mistake or pursued an unwise policy.
Arguing against the introduction of pattern evidence;
Americans United had joined a wide array of religious and civil liberties groups in filing a friend-of-the-court brief arguing in favor of the church's religious liberty rights.
But Bonnie Robin-Vergeer, arguing for Ceballos, said the line between citizen and employee is ``malleable,'' and maintained Ceballos was writing his memo to the government, not for the government.
In his most recent work, The Real Lincoln, DiLorenzo echoed the capitalistic teachings of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, arguing that the U.
District Court of California, arguing that once the note was sold by its shareholder to an unrelated third party, the restrictions of section 267(a)(2) were no longer in effect.
presents Stop Arguing With Your Kids: How To Win The Battle Of Wills By Making Your Children Feel Heard, a guide for parents to showing one's children that their feelings and thoughts matter without necessarily giving into their demands.
State and EPA officials disagree with this point, arguing that the amendments actually reverse existing policy under which military munitions may become solid waste after they have been used.
Chapter 5 deals with religion and culture, arguing that Paul sees not a new Christian religion distinct from Israel but rather a Jewish people of God called out from Gentiles as well as Jews to bring a cruciform witness to the nations of the world.