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In summary, increased board accountability and liability has raised the bar on governance--and in no area is this arguably more important than in significant acquisitions.
Indeed, honesty is arguably the most important ethical principle of all.
This communication arguably tends to make the party-appointed arbitrators more partisan than they otherwise might be, and may lead to baby splitting and horse trading once the panelists get together to decide the case.
Both Westmead Aouita and Bubbly Ebony have winning form over Henlow's 550m course and arguably face slightly easier tasks than of late, while Burwood Freddie should be all the better for his run here last Wednesday.
In Saturday's victory over Calgary, Jason LaBarbera arguably had the best game by a Kings goaltender this season.
Breguet has laid claim to arguably the best location on Rodeo Drive in one of the most prestigious retail markets in the country," said Cohen.
But arguably the most successful newcomers are the alumni of an obscure strategy card game called Magic: The Gathering.
foreign policy serves the will of what is arguably the most ideological administration since the mid-twentieth century.
Rather than waiting two weeks, the craft went up first on Wednesday, September 29 and then the following Monday, the 47th anniversary of Sputnik I, the Soviet craft arguably had a huge effect on the technological development and prowess of the U.
The 23 projects included are a good representative selection, though one misses the Gerd Rosen Gallery and Mannheim Theatre projects, arguably crucial to the development of Scharoun's architecture.
Arguably, children would be better off both economically and socially.
From the opening line, "I want to see how lucky Lucky can be," the tone of Melissa Etheridge's eighth and arguably most radio-friendly studio album is set: It's hopeful, upbeat, and downright happy, in sharp contrast to Skin, her last album which reflected her bitter breakup with Julie Cypher, her partner of 12 years.
Taxpayers residing outside of Virginia arguably benefited from this decision, as most states do not offer absolute immunity to a trustee for choosing from a list of prescribed investments.