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a bitter tasting amino acid found in proteins and necessary for nutrition

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1428) reported that cisplatin resistant NSCLC lost ASS1 expression and were sensitive to arginine deprivation, suggesting that cisplatin resistant NSCLC may be good candidates for ADI-PEG 20 therapy.
If indeed arginine consumption is so important to the disease process, maybe we could block it and reverse the disease," said senior author Carol Colton, professor of neurology at the Duke University School of Medicine, and a member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences.
2015 Market Research Report on Global Arginine Industry is a professional and the deep research report in this field.
In the fifth experiment, the reaction between Arginine and cobalt acetate was investigated.
Szlosarek explained that there are a large number of cancers relying on a naturally-occurring protein called arginine that could be starved.
In 1977 Griffith, Norms and Kagan (1, 2) discovered that if arginine was added to isolated HSV in a petri dish, the virus would multiply.
James Russell, professor emeritus, Department of Surgery, Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases Laboratory at the Alberta Institute for Human Nutrition, University of Alberta, Canada and his colleagues conducted one of the preclinical studies, titled "Metabolic Effects of a Novel Silicate Inositol Complex of the Nitric Oxide Precursor Arginine in the Obese Insulin-resistant JCR: LA-cp Rat.
Plasma arginine decreased and the ratio of ADMA:arginine increased to a greater extent following the ingestion of glucose.
3) In-office professional care also employs arginine and calcium carbonate as components in a desensitizing-paste for managing dentin hypersensitivity.
And now, researchers from USDA Agricultural Research Service, Texas A&M University, College of Nevada, and Oklahoma State College, have reported that the levels of arginine within the blood increased by 22 % after 3 weeks of drinking watermelon juice with every meal.
Willoughby DS, Boucher T, Reid J, Skelton G, Clark M (2011) Effects of 7 days of arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate supplementation on blood flow, plasma L-arginine, nitric oxide metabolites, and asymmetric dimethyl arginine after resistance exercise.
Recent data has demonstrated that it is upregulated especially in the ischaemic myocardium during ischaemia-reperfusion (17) and may in fact compete with endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) for arginine as a substrate, thus resulting in reduced NO production (18).
Combined administration of sublethal doses of the nitric oxide inhibitor, nitro-L- arginine and muscarinic receptor antagonist, scopolamine, impairs complex maze learning in rats.
The difference between the two versions of the gene amounts to one small change: swapping proline for arginine as the 72nd link in a chain of amino acids that make up a protein called p53.