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a sedimentary rock differing from shale in being bound by silica and from slate in having no slate cleavages

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The particle density values of pumice, argillite, ash, and loess are 2.
Here you'll find the best selection of carved argillite, a glistening hard black stone that's often inlaid with abalone.
The dominance of finely disseminated microcrystalline euhedral K-feldspar and quartz in argillite suggests that these minerals in GA are commonly authigenic in origin.
The higher grade zones encountered in the recent drill program are associated with highly silicified argillite and volcaniclastics.
SHV deposits often occur in argillite rock units proximal to the axis of folds where the ground has been more intensely fractured to allow ore mineralizing fluids to circulate and deposit gold through the rock.
argillite Ordovician-Silurian black shales from distant regions Katian, clingani black shale Katian, " complanatus Llandovery, " triangulatus Hirnantian, " persculptus Hirnantian, " persculptus Aeronian " Rhuddanian " Oandu St.
2000) in the Early Ordovician Pakerort age argillite, which forms the bedrock around the lagoon and may have served as a possible source for Holocene sands in the study area.
Unit A is characterized by alternating laminated fine sand and clay with dispersed particles of lower Ordovician Dictyonema argillite (Turisalu Formation; Fig.
The interbedded quartzite and argillite unit is over 200 meter in true width.
0078) < retorting of kukersite kerogen mixed with Dictyonema argillite, 0.
On the outcrops of alum shale (Dictyonema argillite, Dictyonema "shale"), radon emissions are sporadically dangerous.
91 m) chip sample within fractured upper-plate argillite.
To illustrate the matter, Table 1 provides fairly full borehole data for a typical Ronneburg, Thuringian graptolitic shale [12] and for the Sillamae [16] and Toolse [17] uraniferous argillite.
The geology at the Quarter Horse Ranch property is dominated by upper plate Snow Canyon formation sandstones, chert and argillite, through which "windows" of lower plate carbonates are exposed along a northeast-trending structural corridor formed by the Williams, Mill Creek, and Van Norman faults, major Jerritt Canyon District faults.
The resources of Dictyonema argillite in Estonia are huge.