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a sedimentary rock differing from shale in being bound by silica and from slate in having no slate cleavages

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The mineralogical characterization of the rocks biotite, syenite and argillite, with identification of their respective minerals, is described below (Figure 1).
Unit M5/5--more than 60 m of greenish-grey argillite and siltstone with beds of calcareous sandstone at 31.
This sequence is formed by units of red-orange compact argillites of variable thickness (up to 20 m), interbedded with siltstones and dolomite-limestone beds of cm-scale thickness (Fig.
One pipe carved in argillite integrated motifs from ship's rigging, while another played with the popularity of small shingled houses and socalled "Boston houses" with paned windows and central chimneys among the Haida (figure 8); arrayed along its stem are tight orbits of geometric bushes or trees that seem detached from nature, representing no doubt a perfection of organic growth in symmetry.
In the klint escarpment radioactive graptolite argillite (Dictyonema shale) and obolus phosphorite crop out.
COMINCO historical reports describe the Discovery Zone as an area of quartz-carbonate veining in argillite measuring 35 by 6 metres, carrying pyrite, arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and minute particles of free gold.
2), Roddick (1965) divided the Gambier Group into three assemblages, an upper, dominantly volcanic assemblage, a middle sedimentary assemblage dominated by argillite and slate, and a lower, dominantly volcanic assemblage.
This area is underlain mainly by quartzofeldspathic schist (Orocopia Schist), sandstone and argillite (Winterhaven Formation), rhyolite porphyry, conglomerate, basalt, sand and gravel, and colluvium.
Original masks by local and regional artists, carvings in argillite and wood, woven cedar bark and spruce root baskets and gold and silver jewellery are sold in the museum gift shop.
The deposit is in the so-called Etropole argillite formation and is estimated based on previous data and new sample drillings.
The company has recently found a possible extension of the argillite deposit.
Reid went on, in multiple works, tiny and gargantuan, funny and tragic, heroic and puzzling, paradoxical and polemical, in every conceivable medium--gold, wood, paper, ivory, argillite, wax, bronze--to explore the possible ways in which an art form drawn from time immemorial could service and express something about contemporary reality.
Its contacts with both the Cambridge Argillite and the dolerite dyke are sharp and chilled (Fig.
Breathing stone; contemporary Haida argillite sculpture.