argillaceous rock

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a sedimentary rock formed from clay deposits

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At Minas de Oro (Calorco) the gold-bearing argillaceous rocks of the Chimu Formation are virtually a roof pendant within intrusive rocks.
Test specimens were argillaceous rocks (sandstone and siltstone) obtained from rock drilling at five different locations, namely, Desert View Motel (DV), McCormack's dugout (MC), Old Timers Shop/Museum (OTM), Gunther Wagner's dugout (GW) and Les Hoad's dugout (LH) [13].
Proceedings of the International Workshop about Hydraulic and Hydrochemical Characterisation of Argillaceous Rocks.
2]vr consist of variable siliciclastic rocks of the Voronka Formation of the Ediacara System, which represents a single upwards coarsening cycle from argillaceous rocks to well-sorted sandstones.
Argillaceous rocks, such as siltstone and sandstone, usually have unconfined compressive strength values below this bench mark [9].
The past stability of the ground is an important factor in assessing candidate sites for the deep geological disposal of radioactive wastes, and the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) formed the Working Group on the Characterisation, the Understanding and the Performance of Argillaceous Rocks as Repository Host Formations, known as the NEA Clay Club, and charged it with improving the scientific bases for clay host rocks in the context of geological disposal.
Coarser fragments of argillaceous rocks and crystals of phyllosilicates from bedrocks and soils are very sensitive to impacts and pressure from the fragments of co-transported harder and denser rocks and minerals in turbulent streams.
Different scenarios are analyzed such as mines in crystalline rocks, argillaceous rocks, salt rocks and other rock types.
2000) investigated the behaviour of fractured argillaceous rocks including permeability variations induced by changes in confining pressures.
LC deposits consist of alternating sandy, aleurolite, carbonaceous and argillaceous rocks.
In this regard, it is of interest autoclave technology for producing silicate materials based on non-traditional construction industry argillaceous rocks, the specifics of which is unfinished processes of clay formation [17,18].
The 2nd research region of clay science, "Research methods", comprises nearly 100 different methods for the investigation of clay minerals and argillaceous rocks (Konta, 2000).