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resembling or containing clay

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In the study area it was collected in areas of cerrado, campo rupestre, caatinga and disturbed areas at altitudes between 887-1168 m, on sandy, argillaceous or rocky soils.
In 1911, Shell Bluff was described in the annual report of the Georgia Geologic Survey as a bluff of calcareous rock, which is sandy and argillaceous marl (Veatch and Stephenson 1911).
From a typological perspective, it can be classified into brown eumesobasic soils, brown illuvial argillaceous soils (partially pseudogleyic), as well as pseudorendsina on more argillaceous marl, all of them very suitable for the vine, except for those whose hydro-physical features are neither favourable for vine growing, nor artificially improved for this purpose.
ISRM: 1989, Suggested methods for laboratory testing of argillaceous swelling rocks.
This paper treated the Zigong argillaceous siltstone as a special example of red-bed soft rock, which is a common soft rock encountered in geotechnical engineering.
Accordingly, we selected ostracodes, bivalves and conchostracans, fossilized in argillaceous rocks for microscope and scanning electron microscope observation.
Argillaceous rocks in the production of silica brick.
The Petit Anse-Groz Nez section shows conglomerate units typically from 10 to 200 m thick, interbedded with sandstone units, commonly argillaceous, with grit interbeds from 0.
Lithologically, the allochthonous unit is composed of different lithofacies comprising sandstone, siltstone, greensand, siliceous mudstone, argillaceous micritic limestone and rare coal measures along with dispersed organic matter.
The Agbaja Formation succeeds the brackish to marginal shallow marine argillaceous sequence with sandstone, siltstone, and carbonaceous mudstone with organic debris of the Patti Formation.
The basal section of the Dashtak formation, which was formed throughout the lower, middle and upper parts of the Triassic period, is composed of argillaceous siltstone, shale and dolomite, with anhydrite interbeds.
Mohammed Sulaiyim Said Al Shukaili's thesis is titled 'Geological Investigation of the Argillaceous Zones of the Upper Shu'aiba Member in northwestern Oman'.
Accelerated reclamation of alkaline argillaceous soils of Azerbaijan.
Brown argillaceous soils are restricted to the foothills and valleys.
Raven emphasized that the results thus far indicate that the highly indurated shales and argillaceous limestones through the proposed repository horizon have limited spatial variability, high Rock Quality Designation (RQD), are uniform and predictable and lack any offsetting vertical faults.