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a valuable silver ore consisting of silver sulfide (Ag2S)

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For example, in 1907 it is noted that Dufourcq gave "8 specimens of Argentite (all crystallized and one very unusual); 2 specimens of Polybasite with wire Silver; 8 specimens of Stephanite (crystallized), from Las Chispas mine, Arizpe, Sonora, Mexico.
Rogers, failed to resolve this issue, the council obtained an injunction to prevent Coniagas from further flooding the north end of Argentite Street.
The economic mineralisation of Real de Angeles consists of silver-bearing galena, argentite and sphalerite/marmatite with subordinate amounts of chalcopyrite and freibergite.
Epigenetic ore minerals are free gold (usually very fine), argentite, chalcopyrite, bornite, galena, and sphalerite.
OTC BB: PIED) today announced the signing of a Letter of Intent with Nevada Eagle Resources LLC (NER), a wholly owned subsidiary of Gryphon Gold Corporation (TSX: GGN), to enter into an 'Exploration Agreement with Option to form Joint Venture' on the Argentite gold property once the gold price exceeds $1,000 per ounce for more than 25 consecutive business days or after 90 days from the date of signing the Letter of Intent.
Silver occurred as discrete microscopic crystals of native silver and argentite.
Gold and silver are associated with pyrite, minor amounts of galena and occasional argentite, marcasite and pyrrhotite.
Several other silver halides are present together with argentite, and native silver.
The mineralization is epithermal in nature and consists principally of finely divided argentite, electrum, and pyrite (less than 1%) in a siliceous matrix.
Werner Quellmalz exhibited some marvelous Eastern Europe pieces including choice pyrargyrite, argentite, silver, a huge Johanngeorgenstadt pyromorphite 9 inches across and a delicately colored violet fluorapatite from Ehrenfriedersdorf.
The most common are, native silver (Ag), argentite ([Ag.
Two deeper holes have also been completed along the inflection point of the deposit, which intersected narrow veining containing argentite, the dominant silver sulfide.
The principal minerals found are argentite, aguilarite, naumanite, and guanajuatite, and it has been shown that contaminants such as arsenic, selenium, and antimony decrease with depth; thus minerals such as pyrargyrite and proustite also become rarer as mining goes deeper into the Earth.
The dikes are strongly argillized and in places silicified, and contain between 1 and 4% pyrite and several percent of a grey metallic sulfide that may be argentite.
Mineralization consists of silica, opal, barite, pyrite, ruby silver, argentite, galena and sphalerite.