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wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asia

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1% of the respondents said that argali meat is the most delicious for them, and 6.
However, there are no reports regarding the ISG15 sequence of Xinjiang Wild Argali.
The video ends with Stanishev shooting at Parvanov, and declaring in Russian, "I am not an argali, my dear
With an annual average earning of $500 per family, the programme has provided incentives for people to create livestock-free grazing reserves for wild prey such as blue sheep and the threatened Tibetan argali.
Dental microwear analysis for investigating the diet of an argali population (Ovis ammon antiqua) of mid-Pleistocene age, Caune de l'Arago cave, eastern Pyrenees, France.
However it soon became clear that the main contributor is pasture decline due to grazing pressure--the same factor which imperils the future of the wild horse as well as the herds of ibex, argali, Mongolian gazelle, black-tailed gazelle and the critically endangered saiga antelope.
bobcats and Vancouver Island Marmots, human hunters and some argali sub-species, tourists and cheetahs.
Croix, Dorper, Barbados, Painted Desert, Mouplon, Wiltshire Horn, Tasmanian Spotted, Dall, plus Russian Argali and Rocky Mountain Big Horn crosses.
The park has been particularly necessitated for conservation of globally significant biodiversity inhabiting the mountain ecosystems of Central Tian Shan, including rare and endangered species of snow leopard, brown bear, lynx, argali, red deer, golden eagles, etc.
I use it for larger mountain game such as argali and stag, and for African plains game.
Moreover, in SCNT embryos of argali sheep, poor development and many chromosomal abnormalities are observed when cells obtained from passages 7-10 are used as donor cells (White et al.
A photo of the crash site shows among the wreckage at least two carcasses bearing the heavy, tightly curled horns of an argali.
The wild ungulates include the Tibetan antelope (chiru), Tibetan gazelle, Tibetan argali, blue sheep, Tibetan wild ass (kiang) and the wild yak (Schaller 1998).