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wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asia

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The Darwin's wild sheep or Gobi argali is classified as a Category II Protected Wild Animal Species under the Wild Animal Protection Law in China (Wang 1998).
Oral palate mucosa materials were collected by scrapping oral palate from four healthy wild Argali and stored in Trizol (Invitrogen, Beijing, China).
Marco Polo's sheep (Ovis ammon polii): Marco Polo sheep (Ovis ammon polii) an icon of Asia's highland pastures is one of the nine Argali subspecies whose long winding horns greatly intrigued Marco Polo in 1273 and has been a cherished trophy of foreign hunters.
1% of the respondents said that argali meat is the most delicious for them, and 6.
Dental microwear analysis for investigating the diet of an argali population (Ovis ammon antiqua) of mid-Pleistocene age, Caune de l'Arago cave, eastern Pyrenees, France.
When it comes to trophies such as argali in Mongolia, blue sheep in the Himalayas or tur in Azerbaijan, some of these hunts are possible with bow in hand while others simply are not.
In 2005, when we returned to Kum Su to survey these naive herds of wild camels, wild Tibetan asses and wild Argali sheep, we had found that this Garden of Eden had been violated.
During the video, Parvanov is the first to take a shot; he fails to kill Stanishev even though he imagines him as an argali, a mountain sheep.
Meanwhile, hard times and sky-high prices for animal body parts in Asian medicinal markets have spurred many locals to kill snow leopards, argali mountain sheep, and other creatures in this poorly protected wilderness.
Kelly got zero but I got a great Argali after threatening to shoot my guides, driver and interpreter, so we could drive out of the area into a spot they first refused to go.
Those species are the argali, chimpanzee, leopard, Stellar
With an annual average earning of $500 per family, the programme has provided incentives for people to create livestock-free grazing reserves for wild prey such as blue sheep and the threatened Tibetan argali.
Additionally, a pregnancy was observed after the transfer of embryos reconstructed from cells of argali (Ovis ammon) and enucleated oocytes of domestic sheep (White et al.
However it soon became clear that the main contributor is pasture decline due to grazing pressure--the same factor which imperils the future of the wild horse as well as the herds of ibex, argali, Mongolian gazelle, black-tailed gazelle and the critically endangered saiga antelope.