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large west African tree having large palmately lobed leaves and axillary cymose panicles of small white flowers and one-winged seeds

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Unable to accept the fantastic and mysterious, he considers the inhabitants of the hinterlands superstitious and ignorant and becomes obsessed with finding a rational explanation for the legend of the Fairy of the Arere.
Mr Mea, in Drusilla Modjeska, 'The wartime experience of Mr Asi Arere, a Papuan from Porebada village', in H.
For pis kings habbep an manere, & pese opere heiemen lome, Pet hi aleggep lute rente pet hor elderne nome; For hi seggep hi hadde lop nwe lawe arere, Oper be more couardes pan hor elderne were.
In Mario Nascimento's Arere, the dancers of Bale de Rio Preto executed capoeira-style flings and rolls with rhythmic abandonment and a satisfying, uncomplicated directness.
ht's EATATA dreressss to a mumumumuc madc seses arere so chchch frereshshsherer P es all Bo V1e ll The madcap pop icon goes all Bo Peep on tonight's Pee adcap pop icon goe Jonathan Ross Show on ITV1 as she walks on stage with her The ma Jo new must-have accessory - a sheep.