areolar tissue

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fibrous connective tissue with the fibers arranged in a mesh or net

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The edges of the incision are grasped using Allis clamps, and lateral dissection is performed between the vaginal mucosa and enterocele sac until loose areolar tissue is noted.
The most common form is sagittal duplication, in which 2 urinary bladders lie side by side and are separated by a fold of peritoneum and loose areolar tissue.
The flap was separated from the underlying deep temporal fascia easily, as the loose areolar tissue on the deep surface presents minimal resistance to elevation.
Embedded in areolar tissue the thoracic dorsal rami accompanied by arteries and veins passes over the dorsal aspect of the multifidus muscle covered by fibres of semispinalis (Chua & Bogduk 1995).
Normal synovial spaces form in the fetus in loose areolar tissue located between the ends of developing bones.