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resembling or containing or abounding in sand

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Surface covered by each geolithological type was obtained using geolithological map from the Geoportale Nazionale (2016), with the types abbreviated as follows: limestones, dolomites, marls, travertines, and glacial deposits (LIT_LIM), alluvial sediments and clays (LIT ALL), volcanic rocks (LIT VOL), arenaceous assemblages and flysch deposits (LIT ARE), sands, conglomerates, and aeolian deposits (LIT SAN), lakes and glaciers (LIT LAK), and gypsum and evaporite deposits (LIT EVA).
The base of the Abbottabad Formation at Aluli is arenaceous comprising (bottom to top) ~80 m thick quartzite followed by ~ 40 m thick siltstone and finally 20 m thick conglomerate.
Lithofacies-5 appeared from Central to Western Salt Range, as arenaceous, micritic and bioclastic limestone near Kathwai was consisted of chalky argillaceous limestone in the Western Salt Range.
Slate of the Cambrian-Early Ordovician Halifax Group, carbon-rich shale and sandstone of the Late Devonian-Early Mississippian Horton Bluff Formation, and arenaceous sandstone of the Late Triassic Wolfville Formation all underlie the Grand Pre region (Fig.
The support accounts for different foundation conditions--the south side stands on the edge of a weathered arenaceous marl slope where k = 3 MN/m/m, the north side of the pillar is founded on arenaceous marl subgrade with k =10 MN/m/m, and the wall stands on the arcade vault with k=1 MN/m/m.
The Togo Formation, which trends in the northeast direction, originally consisted of alternating arenaceous and argillaceous sediments which have now been converted to phyllites, schists and quartzites except in few places, where unaltered shales and sandstones are seen (Kesse, 1985).
spinning arenaceous air drowning perception of the forged inventions
The original calcareous, arenaceous and pelitic sediments were probably rich in bauxite or kaolinite and intercalated organic material (Cilek, 1980).
Specific topics include the mechanics of fault distribution and localization in high-porosity sands of Provence, France; strain localization in geomaterials; the progression from damage to localization of displacement observed in laboratory testing of porous rocks; microscale damage evolution in compacting sandstone; influence of grain size and geothermal gradient on the ductile-to-brittle transition in arenaceous sedimentary rocks; fracture aperture, length, and pattern geometry development under biaxial loading; and improved seismic identification of inter-fault damage via a linked geomechanics-seismic approach.
However, these 'geological' dusts will vary chemically not only according to their source and weathering history, but also display mineralogical fractionation between their finest grained fraction and the coarser, more arenaceous component.
The western scarp of the Range is scored by numerous earthflows that occur in valley heads and which originate at the junction between quartzite and mudstone, where water percolating through the pervious arenaceous strata meets the impermeable argillite.
The original pier filler and the material to level the layers of different thickness above the vault arches was arenaceous marl rockfill composed of hewn stone or stone masonry made up of chips of various sizes bound together by lime mortar.
In the herborizations effectuated in the springs of 2003 at 2006, it was collected in arenaceous soils in a region next to Torrao (Alcacer do Sal) and Corticadas do Lavre (Montemor-o-Novo), far of the maritime influence.
1A for location), records a significant hiatus; in fact, at the base of this second petrological interval, the appearance of arenaceous rock fragments (very fine-grained quartzarenites lacking in volcanic lithics, similar to those typical of the "Basal Conglomerate"), and a much higher quartz content suggest wider dissection of the underlying volcanic plateaux, with erosion reaching into the Upper Carboniferous siliciclastics and the deeper-seated crystalline basement.