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seed of betel palm

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At no cost will they break an oath taken with betel leaves and areca nut.
With the help of aniconic objects such as areca nuts, which are readily available, inexpensive, and small in size, the practitioner can invite, position, visualize, and worship a large number of divinities in a limited ritual space.
In Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Papua New Guinea, smoking, alcohol consumption, and chewing of betel quid or areca nut with or without tobacco are the predominant causes of oral cancer.
The use of tobacco with lime, betel quid with tobacco, betel quid without tobacco, and areca nut has been classified as carcinogenic to humans.
The combined use of pumpkin seed and areca nut in the treatment of tapeworm infections.
Treatment of experimental heterophyiasis with two plant extracts, areca nut and pumpkin seed.
In India for instance, the tobacco industry introduced a convenient and imperishable mixture of areca nut, lime, catechu, sandalwood, and tobacco known as Gutka.
Last October at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Seattle, Chiun Hsu of National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei reported that, from 1981 to 2000, a huge increase in oral cancer among Taiwanese men parallels a nearly sevenfold increase in Taiwan's production of areca nuts, making them Taiwan's second-largest crop.
Ten betel leaves, a small block of gambir, a small container of lime, and five areca nuts cost 50 cents (Malaysian) for each type of ingredient.
Red pandanus and areca nuts are forbidden for a few more days to avoid all risk of post-natal haemorrhaging.
Sri Lankan companies dealing in Betel leaves, areca nuts, coconut and allied products, pineapples, vegetables, herbal cosmetics and Alovera juice concentrate, all types of Multillac Paints, Decorative, automotive, wood care and sealer, and other ancillary products, colour tinting system, Jones branded value added tea, Fevicryl Glass colours, Poster colours; fabric paints ceramic colours, acrylic colours, oil colours, Acron Student Water Colours and Decora hobby colours and Artist brushes, are participating in this exhibition.
Betel nuts, also called areca nuts, are widely sold and consumed in southern Asia.