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2]in triple-cropping of Sugarcane because of increasing of cutting numbers in area unit and also increasing of shoot numbers in area unit, were more than number of stemsper [m.
To address this, for all the analysis described above, we repeat the sequence of regressions explaining volunteering at the meshblock level using heterogeneity defined at the area unit rather than meshblock level.
4 miles W Felt in Rita Blanca Wildlife Management Area Unit 116, UTM 13S 0693405 4043393, elevation 1,377 m (OSU 13212); Cimarron County, 4.
During his tenure with ABB, he also served as head of the power transmission and distribution systems business area unit in Italy; global business manager for AC Systems and managing director of ABB SAE in Milan; and managing director for ABB Feralin in Johannesburg, South Africa.
This problem has been termed the modifiable area unit problem (Openshaw 1984) and is fundamental in all attempts to map disease using aggregated statistics.
The 743d MI Battalion traces its lineage back to 1954 when the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Detachment Army Security Agency (ASA) Troop Command, and 7200th Administrative Area Unit organized at Fort George G.
Process Monitoring System QUALISCAN QMS-10A: records and controls parameters such as weight per area unit, coating weight, moisture and thickness.
What often happens is that a commander and his staff do not adequately meet the needs of the security area unit.
The size and shape of the area investigated (county units, zip codes, census tracts) may also produce different results, depending on the chosen political unit--an effect known in geographic research as the Modifiable Area Unit Problem (11).
Area units are easily identified as each area unit must be a single geographic entity with a unique name referring to a geographical feature.
Area unit dummy variables were also included to control for the effects of area level services such as schools and also externalities such as noise/air pollution (Bowen et al.
Hallbankgate is a 500 acre Less Favoured Area unit carrying a commercial herd of 100 sucklers alongside the 45 cow pedigree Hallbankgate Charolais herd and a flock of 550 ewes.
A million or so correlation coefficients: three experiments on the modifiable area unit problem.
This led to Knight's association with Community Concerts and later his five-year presidency of the local area unit, expanded in 1995 to East County Community Concert Association.
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