ardent spirits

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strong distilled liquor or brandy

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Philadelphius, The Moral Plague of Civil Society; or, the Pernicious Effects of the Love of Money on the Morals of Mankind; Exemplified in the Encouragement Given to the Use of Ardent Spirits in the United Stares, with Proper Remedy for the Cure of this National Evil (Philadelphia, 1821), 4; George W.
The arch enemy of mankind smiled when some cunning agent taught him how to use ardent spirits.
Noting that liquor had been kept in the guard room "for the purpose of trade among the officers," the warden ordered an end to the practice "in order to discourage the bad habit and evil tendency of a too frequent use of ardent spirits, by having it constantly at hand & in view, as well as to prevent all possible opportunities for the convicts obtaining at any time so dangerous an article.
Check out the Worldwide Bartender Database, a free weekly email newsletter published by Ardent Spirits, a consultancy run by cocktail experts and authors Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan.
com; Dale Degroff, President, Dale Degroff Company, New York; Janet Dyer, Sales Manager, Adventures in Wine, San Francisco; Michael Feil, General Manager and wine buyer, Lake Merced Golf & Country Club, San Francisco; Doug Frost, MS and MW, wine and spirits writer, Kansas City Star; Mendel Kohn, wine and spirits consultant, MOK Consulting, San Francisco; Ken McDonald, retailer and wine buyer, Friendly Spirits, San Francisco; Tim McDonald, Director of Trade Public Relations, Trinchero Family Estates, Napa; Steve Olson, educator and consultant, Libations, New York and Gary Regan, journalist and author, Ardent Spirits, New York.
and I learned a lot from the recipes that poured in after I announced the concept in my publication, the Ardent Spirits eLetter.
Sleepless nights, corroding passions, and a neglect of business, accompanied with the intempered use of ardent spirits, soon plunge both the gamester and his family, into one common ruin," he writes.