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forming or resembling an arch

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Additionally, surgeons have access to an arcuate (curved) incision planning table on the laser that includes parameters to define the location, depth and extent of the surgeon's intended arcuate incisions based on individual patient biometric measurements and other factors defined by the surgeon.
In the DTI analysis, the only significant difference between the two study groups was that the anterior right arcuate fasciculus--identified in 13 of 15 CFS patients and in all 14 control subjects in the study --showed significantly higher fractional anisotropy in CFS patients than in control subjects.
Basal line faint, represented by only a brown spot at costal margin; antemedial line shadow-like; medial line arcuate, dark brown; postmedial line pale brown, shadow-like; subterminal line rather wavy, faint, diffuse, consisting of groups of pale brown scales; terminal line diffuse, consisting of pale brown scales.
Within a day, animals getting the rattier diet, but not the others, showed signs of inflammation in a part of the brain's hypothalamus known as the arcuate nucleus.
The modest reduction of long-chain acyl-CoAs within the arcuate nucleus (ARC) would increase the expression of both agouti-related peptide (AgRP) and neuropeptide Y (NPY) and enhance feed intake (Obici et al.
Woodley (1985) briefly reviewed these characters, and suggested that the sinuate A1 vein and the recurvedly arcuate CuA1 vein were possible synapomorphic character states for the tribe.
Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs as a result of compression of the ulnar nerve between the medial epicondyle, the olecranon and the roof of the tunnel that is formed by the retinaculum which is also known as Osborne's band or the arcuate ligament.
3 mm, dark brown, slightly pubescent, the hairs hyaline, soft, straight, 2-celled, simple, appressed; lamina 2-5 cm long, erect or slightly arcuate, linear, chartaceous, hemidimorphic; sterile portion deeply pinnatisect, abruptly reduced at the base, the basal segment decurrent, but not ending in a long and narrow wing to the petiole base, the segments at the medial portion 1.
The process, developed as the result of a collaborative effort between Doug Beck on Inliner Technologies and Ralph Bonanotte of Kenny Construction Company, involves a pressure vessel equipped with a gasket that is designed with a curved arcuate (i.
To better evaluate the osseous structures of the cervical spine, a noncontrast computed tomography (CT) exam was performed and confirmed ossification of the posterior right atlanto-occipital membrane resulting in a near complete bony arcuate foramen (Figure 3).
Abdomen: oval in outline; connexiva strongly flaring, much exposed beyond margin of corium; posterior margins of tergal segments III and IV strongly convex, arcuate medially.
These rocks cover an arcuate area of over 5,000 square kilometers and give rise to two strong gravity anomalies (+50 & +70 mgal) that imply intrusive roots to more than 13 km depth.
Little Rock uses thereof Rice cultivar Karen Moldenhaur, University of Stuttgart Arkansas Board of Trustees, Little Rock Continuous folded sheet Travis Brooks, with diamond and boxwear Fayetteville pattern Arcuate display stand Andrew Bojie, Stribling Centerton Packaging Inc.
In gross shape the Kalkaroo orebody forms an arcuate, north- dipping sheet, which is disrupted by extensive faulting at its western end.