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the inverse function of the sine

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The percentage parasitism data were transformed using the arcsine square-root transformation to satisfy the assumptions of the ANOVA.
After arcsine square-root transformation of the defoliation measures, no data deviated significantly from normal distributions (Proc Univariate Procedure, SAS 1985).
Proportion pollen germinated was arcsine, square-root transformed prior to analysis.
The percentages of females were arcsine root transformed to stabilize variance and subjected to a t-test in experiment 1 and 1-way ANOVA in experiments 2 and 3.
Percentages were arcsine transformed to more closely approximate a normal distribution for statistical analyses (Zar, 1999).
Data for emergence were transformed by arcsine transformation (Little and Hills, 1978).
The proportion of heterozygous (+/b) offspring of the each of the 90 target individuals was arcsine square-root transformed.
The percentage of females in trap catches was calculated for all traps that captured at least one fly; percentage values were normalized by arcsine transformation and subjected to one way ANOVA.
To stabilize the variances before analysis, the data were transformed with the arcsine of the square root (Lentner and Bishop, 1993).
Following arcsine transformation, the mean number of eggs consumed per treatment were analysed using a one-way ANOVA.
Survival data, calculated as percent survival per pot and averaged by block, were analyzed as proportions and arcsine transformed proportions.
Following arcsine square root transformation, independent t-tests were performed to compare hatch (%), mortality (%) within each instar (1-5), and total mortality (%) across instars 1-5 for the treatment and control groups (SPSS Version 20, IBM Corp.
Since the percentage of empty and filled pods varied from 5 to [is greater than] 35%, the data were transformed using arcsine transformation.
To analyze data from these experiments, we performed one-way ANOVAs on the arcsine square-root transformed virus mortality.
Data on looper counts were square root transformed whereas means of percent twig damage were arcsine transformed before analysis.