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Synonyms for arciform

deviating from a straight line

Synonyms for arciform

forming or resembling an arch

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when the very dense fibronervous envelope formed by nervous and lymphatic ramifications involving both arteries and celiac trunk branches was sectioned, an arciform bridge, considered to be the diaphragmatic arcuate ligament was observed crossing the celiac trunk.
The following month, they set off on a spur-of-the-moment cross-country trip in his convertible--top down the entire way; their last stop was Portland, where they married and founded a design-build firm called Arciform, specializing in the restoration of pre-World War II homes.
1967) observed intrasurgically that if the section of the fibrotic ganglion of the celiac plexus is performed, the pulsations of the celiac trunk and its branches do not return to normal, being necessary decompression of the celiac trunk by sectioning arciform fibers of the diaphragm, which also exert compression.
DISCUSSION WITH REVIEW OF LITERATURE: One of the earliest studies that placed emphasis on the topographic anatomy of the parotid area and the manner in which the facial nerve was thought to run through the substance of the parotid gland was by Luschka in 1862 & 1867 (4) The intertwining and arciform character of the peripheral distribution of facial nerve was accounted for in a graphic fashion.
The denomination aortic channel is related to the complex formation, which converges upon the aortic orifice of the diaphragm, which has an elliptic shape with its greater axe superoinferiorly and anteroposteriorly displayed, thus favoring its transformation into a channel formed by arciform fibers of the median arcuate ligament (Bobbio et al.