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a senior clergyman and dignitary

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9) Eris M O'Brien, Life and Letters of Archpriest John Joseph Therry, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1922, 38
The LBA incorporates the fable under the following guise: the gobetween Trotaconventos has been attempting to win over the nun dona Garoca for the Archpriest and offers the tale as a way to ingratiate herself to the nun whom she has found at mass and whom she approaches saying: "
With the support of Cardinal Francesco di Paola Satolli, the archpriest of the Lateran, Jubaru met with the Passionisti, who were the caretakers of the chapel.
Chief of President's Staff Emil Kaptagaev; Mufti of Kyrgyzstan Chubak ajy Jalilov; Director of the State Commission for Religious Affairs Bolot Abdrakhmanov; chair of the parliamentary commission for education, science, culture, information and religious policies Jyldyz Joldosheva; UK Islamic Council Chair Imam Abdul Jalil Said; chair of the advisory board on economy and ethics at the Patriarch of Moscow and Russia Archpriest Vlesovolod Chaplin are expected to attend the event.
Monsignor Francesco Monterisi, archpriest of the papal Basilica of St.
Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, now director of the Moscow Patriarchate's External Affairs Department, observed, "citizens of the Russian Federation will certainly form less than half [of the delegates] as far as it is now possible to calculate.
43) See letter of Ilia II, Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, on June 12, 2009; interview with Archpriest Tamaz Lomidze, Georgian Orthodox Church in Germany, on September 15, 2009; statement on August 26, 2008, http://www.
Picasso's understanding of burlesque, however, stems from a text that Chaucer had almost certainly read: the famous Libro de Buen Amor (Book of Good Love), written by Juan Ruiz, the Archpriest of Hita, in 1330.
With this assumption in mind, Houliston proceeds to analyze what he takes to be the key documents of Persons's writing career, notably the Brief Discours, the Christian Directory itself, Philopater and associated works, the Conference about the Next Succession to the Crown of England, his attacks on John Foxe and Sir Edward Coke, some of his contributions to the Archpriest controversy, and finally his engagement in the debate over the Jacobean oath of allegiance of 1606.
Pilot is Koert's antithesis and resembles the son of the Russian archpriest in Heart of darkness to whom Marlow refers as Harlequin.
Pope Benedict XVI appointed Bernard Law (forced to resign as Boston archbishop, now a cardinal) as archpriest of St.
The desire for food is the overpowering impulse at the root of the novel, and only in the last episode does Lazarillo, now an adult who has found a secure place in life as a town crier, find a devoted relationship with a woman, albeit one he must share with the Archpriest.
But after his resignation, the Vatican astonishingly made him an archpriest of the prestigious Basilica of St Mary Major in Rome.
Del Bene followed Giberti's lead and in 1542 was appointed archpriest of Santo Stefano in Verona.
literature began with autobiography: Byzantine Vladimir Monomaith's personal Instruction of 1117 and the highly original, confessional, vernacular Autobiography of 1672 by Archpriest Avvakum, a native of Nizhny Novgorod.