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Remarkably enough, this is the only evidence Feduccia offers for granting archosaurian status to Archaeopteryx.
Osteology of the early archosaurian reptile Erythrosuchus africanus Broom.
Evazoum gatewayensis, a new Late Triassic archosaurian ichnospecies from Colorado: implications for footprints in the ichnofamily Otozoidae.
2006): Archosaurian size bias in Jurassic and Cretaceous freshwater ecosystems.
The advantages of flight are thought to have allowed speciation to occur at a more rapid pace than in the archosaurian relatives of birds.
There was a dominance of contributions providing taxonomic or phylogenetic revisions and new insights into archosaurian taxa in terms of global palaeobiogeographical distribution and palaeoecology.