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Synonyms for archness

inappropriate playfulness

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Grewgious had meant to be arch--not that he in the remotest degree expressed that meaning--and had brought himself into scarcely supportable proximity with the fire, as if to burn the fullest effect of his archness into himself, as other subtle impressions are burnt into hard metals.
Snodgrass, who was as modest as all great geniuses usually are, felt the crimson rising to the crown of his head, and devoutly wished, in the inmost recesses of his own heart, that the young lady aforesaid, with her black eyes, and her archness, and her boots with the fur round the top, were all comfortably deposited in the adjacent county.
Andrew R Burns & the Tropicanas Delaydeez EP FANS who like those languid godfathers of indie Orange Juice or the archness of Prefab Sprout will enjoy this (even more than that battered but never read Oxfam copy of Belle et Sebastien).
Collier's breakthrough dates to 2003, by which time she had relocated to New York and begun shooting photographic material unearthed from flea markets, junk shops, and the Internet; the archness of her earlier works disappeared, allowing something more mysterious and complex to surface.
The eternal patter-songs, though generally rendered with tongue-twisting dexterity, become tedious when pointed like machine-guns at the audience, the English dialogue has its moments of archness (the nadir came when we were told we'd have to wait for Mozart to tell us what happens next - not fair to set conveyor-belt Rossini against such a genius), and staging is sometimes slapstick.
They told me that archness in a 10-year-old was not welcome.
Compared to pastoral cantatas of earlier generations, however, Pasquini's music is remarkably well balanced and without the anguished contortions and exclamations of the 1640s or the cynical archness of the 1650s and 1660s and, of course, none of the big-chested heroics of a later age.
According to the paper, when asked if Huawei can really join Samsung and Apple in such a short time, Biao's archness is apparent, as he said he 'can't predict who the other two will be.
Austen ensures that readers feel affection for her "delightful" heroine by interjecting narrative commentary that directs our thinking: "there was a mixture of sweetness and archness in her manner which made it difficult for her to affront anybody" (52).
To liberals she's a saint, and they just might have a point: her TV guest spots have established her as Joan of Fallen Archness.
He's lost his archness, his petulant wickedness and sorry, I just don't love him any more.
He didn't let you see it that often, but underneath his academic archness, Dieter had a thug thing going.
The archness of their music, though, doesn't extend much to the stage.
Her concentration on the minutiae of life averts sentimentality and the archness that can affect much poetry with a Christian worldview: