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collection of records especially about an institution

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I say that the place of the skeleton of the Opera ghost is in the archives of the National Academy of Music.
Listen, I have learned much of a most surprising nature from these archives of the Mahars.
I told my story, concealing nothing, and his surprise and delight were so great that he ordered my adventures to be written in letters of gold and laid up in the archives of his kingdom.
These ancient Martians had been a highly cultivated and literary race, but during the vicissitudes of those trying centuries of readjustment to new conditions, not only did their advancement and production cease entirely, but practically all their archives, records, and literature were lost.
Athanase Granson, a young man twenty-three years of age, who slept in an attic room above the second floor of the house, added six hundred francs to the income of his poor mother, by the salary of a little place which the influence of his relation, Mademoiselle Cormon, had obtained for him in the mayor's office, where he was placed in charge of the archives.
Well, she is a monster, who, at twenty-five years of age, has been guilty of as many crimes as you could read of in a year in the archives of our tribunals.
From the remotest period of antiquity to which the archives have reference, the hours have been regularly struck by the big bell.
A little less than a hundred years ago, and a little more than six hundred years after the death, the confession of Pervaise was discovered in the secret archives of the Vatican.
It is sufficient to know that the name to which I do myself the honour to refer, will ever be treasured among the muniments of our house (I allude to the archives connected with our former lodgers, preserved by Mrs.
The present-day National Archives has responsibility for managing all government records regardless of format throughout their life cycle.
You choose the access speed and retrieval process for your archives.
Users must meet today's business requirements and also look to the future and their ability to refresh their digital archives when current storage platforms become obsolete over time," said Tom Trainer, senior analyst, Evaluator Group, Inc.
What contributions have they made to professional practices in archives and records management that are worthy of global emulation?
Major financial scandals and recent incidents involving large-scale data loss have turned the spotlight on the management of digital archives.
The accumulation of electronic source data and the evolution of electronic documents toward more dynamic forms that can combine written text, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and multimedia features create the need for digital archives and electronic signatures to preserve the integrity of originals.
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