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Synonyms for archive

Synonyms for archive

a place where something is deposited for safekeeping

Synonyms for archive

a depository containing historical records and documents

put into an archive


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Archive is not Backup: Backups and Archives are not the same things, nor are they a substitute for one another.
This release also includes enhanced features for browsing archived data and additional options to provide information about the specific archive, delete, or restore actions to other applications.
is an innovator in online archive solutions designed specifically for long-term storage of fixed digital content.
The right e-mail archive solution benefits companies, IT administrators and end users, which results in the best management of e-mail, a critical business communication tool.
On the other hand, some organizations that receive a blizzard of e-mail in connection with time-sensitive projects may decide to archive all messages as they receive them, so they can be more readily accessed and passed on for review through the archiving platform.
Organizations need intelligent, integrated message management solutions that can identify, categorize and archive the appropriate e-mails for retention," said Brian Babineau, analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group.
Incoming policies don't need to be presorted; they are simply scanned as mixed batches on a Kodak high volume scanner, and then placed into orderly folders, post-process, for filming using a Kodak Document Archive Writer.
To retrieve those, the user would have to search through the archive for that year.
Australia's Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) and the National Archives of Australia's Designing and Implementing Recordkeeping Systems (DIRKS) strategy are two well-known examples.
There are now more options for outsourcing since our first email archive implementation, and Fortiva emerged as the only one that effectively addressed our performance concerns.
Unique to database archiving, active archiving is a proven strategy that allows organizations to archive rarely accessed data from application databases and manage the data efficiently, while providing easy access to data on demand.
On the basis of this appraisal decision, the agency automatically selects files of archival value and converts them into an archive format.
Plasmon (LSE: PLM), the trusted source in data archiving, today announced the new enterprise class UDO Archive Appliance with twice the capacity, multi archive support, enhanced security features and energy efficiencies to give customers more security, flexibility and control over their archived data.
The business requirements for a record archive have evolved very rapidly over the last few years.
As long as paper copies with wet-ink signatures were the originals, there was no question about what to archive, but today "originals" include a multitude of digital files generated by numerous devices and applications in the life cycle of a drug.
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