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the molding around a door or window

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the lowest part of an entablature

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The metopes, decorative architectural elements typically found above the architrave in Doric buildings, were based on scenes from the British Museum's famed Parthenon marbles, depicting the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapiths.
Old wooden measuring rules make amazing skinny shelves for a collection of postcards, while pieces of floorboard or architrave can make beautiful patchwork frames for mirrors, paintings or tabletops.
The graven letters on her pavilion's architrave, identifying the structure as "France," are all but effaced by a neon inscription reading "Casino"--effectively reclassifying the French pavilion as a topical hybrid between the European haute bourgeoisie's classical site of compulsive gambling and, more contemporaneously, an outpost of one of France's more powerful supermarket chains.
Between the 1890s and 1940s, picture molding--actually an element of the architrave, from which pictures could be hung from wires--was in vogue.
Caglioti publishes a number of new sources, including definitive versions of the epigrams that were attached to the David and Judith, as well as related epigrams for a Priapus once in the Medici Garden and for the architrave of the Medici Palace Chapel.
Doric column: a channeled column without a base, having as a capital a circular echinus supporting a square abacus, above which comes a plain architrave, a frieze of triglyphs and metopes, and a cornice the corona of which has mutules on its soffit.
For Tony and Colette's Egyptian-style room, a pyramid would be perfect, but if you want maximum storage space, then opt for a simple rectangle or square shape - you can always add a fancy paint effect, or trim the top of the cabinet with some architrave moulding or a 1 2 inch plywood half round.
250 m balustrade cover a = 8 000mm 45 m attic cover with penetration a = 1 200mm 10 st processing attica cover on vasensockel 110 st expansion joints in balustrade and attic cover 30 m joint closure caulked with lead wool 300 m main cornice cover a = 1 200mm with twin seam cover 300 m architrave cornice cover a = 300mm 63 st window sill cover on sandstone, L = 1.
Another chap had just ripped out a kitchen and brought us skirting boards, architrave and other stuff.
At the centre is a timber porch and a doorway with an architrave.
This looks to be much more his kind of level though and with good ground on offer in Berkshire, conditions will be spot on for Architrave.
A frieze (pronounced FREEZE) is a long, narrow band of sculpture that runs along the architrave of a Greek temple or building.
Architrave fairly hosed up on his hurdling debut at Stratford, and a penalty is unlikely to stop him following up at Fontwell.
Only the distinctive rear lights that resemble a sectioned piece of architrave and the ribboned front grille suggest any Scandinavian legacy.