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Do a bit of research so you can complement your home's architectural style.
The indigenous architectural style of Jeddah and Makkah includes multi-leveled structures with decorative elements rendered in plaster both inside and out.
The optimal multidomain MDM architectural style, for most organisations, will either be a registry or hybrid model.
Here, she turns her attention to Art Deco, showcasing more than 1,000 individually priced items, showing the very best from the decorative and architectural style of the period 1925-1940, characterised by geometric designs, bold colours, and the use of plastic and glass.
Each studio has been designed in a different architectural style, and all will feature sprung floors of cross-weave, double-layered maple.
Upon arrival at El Conquistador (an hour ride from San Juan's Luis Munoz Marin International Airport), my bags are taken to the private enclave atop a 300-foot bluff called Las Casitas Village, a colorful collection of two-story townhouses with private balconies fashioned in the architectural style of Old San Juan.
could now compose in an all'antica architectural style without having to specialize in antiquarian study, without ever even having seen an ancient monument" (51).
After the meeting, deputy city council leader Cllr John Mutton (Lab, Binley and Willenhall) said: "This new venue, which will to some degree mirror elements of the architectural style of the former theatre, will be far more suitable for Gala and their customers.
If they could identify an architectural style that best withstood hurricane forces, they might be eligible for reduced insurance rates.
Originating from a syllabus for high school students in New York state, this profusely-illustrated book emphasizes architectural style, graphic design and product engineering.
In these three cases, the owners decided to give their garden structures architectural style without sacrificing function or workspace.
The industry's first, easy-to-follow pathway to architectural style
The ornamental architectural style of buildings did not evolve simply in response to a need to keep the interior dry, it also evolved to maintain a livable interior environment.
Shake the whole medley of superficialities vigorously together and you've got a new architectural style, a pattern for the nation.
Every Kimpton hotel reflects the energy, personality and pulse of its location, history and architectural style.
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