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Parul's in-depth research enriches this area of study, which has yet to receive its due share of attention in the Indian context as it has from scholars in the history of medieval European architectural ornament.
I've traveled the country uncovering and restoring historic treasures," observes Jeff Greene, founder and president of New York-based EverGreene Painting Studios, which specializes in conserving and restoring architectural ornament in historic buildings.
Instead, their elements are selected to illustrate phases in style, purposes of decoration, and application of distinctive materials in chapters devoted to such topics as wall treatments, architectural ornament, church furniture, glass windows, flooring, and ceilings.
It was designed to be an architectural ornament, tea house and vantage to admire the spectacular Badger Dingle.
Was ever a genre of art scorned as much as was architectural ornament during the heyday of modernism?
And arrest here comes when that architectural ornament is shifted off the shelf of the quotidian ("Seen out the window twenty times") and into the unique ("Till it compares to nothing").
Like a skillful detective, he shows us how abstract theological concepts have been concretized in the very clouds drapery, and architectural ornament of the Benedictional's illuminations.
On a south Etruscan architectural ornament of painted terracotta from the early fifth century B.
com/research/7sjcj3/china_architectura) has announced the addition of the "China architectural ornament stone mining industry, 2012" report to their offering.
Quality: Downstream industry, such as: real estate and architectural ornament firms, heightens quality requirements to unprecedented levels.
The purely architectural ornament had become an "image in the ground," as the title of that series, "Dm Bild im Boden" 1985-2010, would have it.
The modern denigration of architectural ornament, perhaps most acidly articulated in Adolf Loos's early 20th century polemic "Ornament and Crime" hinged upon the conceptual reduction of structure and ornament to two functionally distinct entities.
Ms MACDERMOTT traces the 'green man' in legend and architectural ornament and fittings from Europe, India and China and considers the history of interest from the Renaissance to the Victorians.
He compares the architectural ornament of the buildings of Resafa to that in northwestern Syria (essentially the Massif Calcaire) and northern Mesopotamia (primarily the southeastern part of modern Turkey), and suggests that workshops from these two areas were responsible for the ornament.
com/research/640269/china_architectura) has announced the addition of the "China architectural ornament stone mining industry, 2010" report to their offering.
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