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the science of architecture

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In fleshing out his concept of sociogenic marronage, he discusses in detail the creative acts of naming, veve architectonics, and constitutionalism specified in his definition.
Bakhtinian architectonics bears kinship to what appears to be Golding's own authorial intent in The Spire.
But Martin --through titling, tonality, and architectonics --takes you someplace else, where reception persists while binary discriminations don't so much.
The sprawling architectonics of the spider's web (the
Having established "I-for-myself," "The-other-for-me," and "I-for-the-other" as the "basic moments" in the architectonics of an answerable deed, Bakhtin finds them across the domain of cognition, science, art, politics (in which he locates both ethical and social values) and religion by virtue of the fact that these are all domains where human lived experience, without an alibi in being, can once-occur (1993, p.
It gives considerations related to the use of LMOOCs, including the relevant pedagogic and linguistic factors, considering aspects of philosophy, MOOC diversity, architectonics, accessibility, research results, tool sets and more peripheral topics such as sociological end ethical considerations.
Hepatocytes are arranged in groups of different sizes maintaining architectonics of cell plates as in a normal liver.
Keywords: industrial management, management architectonics, respondents, business priorities, globalization, global environment, management architecture, management approaches, fundamental management tasks, key management functions, economic effectiveness, financial profitableness, growth analysis
That philosophy announces itself in the poems through their content matter and their tendency toward circular, ritualistic, and mythic architectonics.
Advanced research on automation, communication, architectonics and materials III; select papers.
The architectonics of Musil's The Man without Qualities, the attention to class of Broch's Sleepwalkers, and the spleen and mise-en-scene of Bernhard's Extinction.
Specific to our purposes, this connection is most readily apparent in the rationalized architectonics of lunch and the lunchroom.
June 15: Opening reception of "Drawing us out: Drawing in the Woods (For Lebbeus)," by Architectonics Design Studio at the Cooper Union School of Architecture.
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