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of or pertaining to construction or architecture


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The critic argues that the architectonic novel renounces omniscient narration, smooth narrative progression, causality and logical connections between consecutive sections.
Bakhtin's attempt to conceive an architectonic (that is, structural) approach to anything that pertains to our elusive human experiences is therefore all the more daunting.
One of the significant factors which affect the process of disabled people's adaptation to living in the society are architectonic barriers and the restrictions they put on people with disabilities.
belonging to different stages and architectonic currents, such as some monuments (historical, worship), as well as traditional religious holydays.
The uncomplicated, clear-cut design language of Gentle is continued in this design, which fits naturally and elegantly into the architectonic bathroom context.
The book lays claim to our attention, however, above all for what its examination of the virtues permits the author to contend: "that I am really discovering an architectonic within Aristotle's text rather than imposing a rigid structure upon the text.
In this sense, the study has been based on three main aspects: written documentation, architectonic plans and archaeological remains.
systematic) method employed in the text and that it is such an architectonic investigation that will allow for investigation of the full implications of the account of experience in both Kant and Deleuze.
The impression is at once monumental and poetic, structured and sensual, architectonic and abstract, physical and metaphysical.
However, he pointed out, times old architectonic wisdom based innovative approach especially from weather resistance point of view needs to be given due consideration to ease life for citizens.
explains this using an interesting and comprehensive framework: the architectonic structuring of the book mirrors Aquinas's scale of being.
Almost) every philosopher tackles the Critique of Pure Reason in his or her training; it's something of a boot camp to work your way through its twists and turns, its forbidding terminology, its elaborate architectonic.
Holzmeister's stage designs always respected the requirements of stage productions but never concealed the architectonic background of their creator.
Here, our ambivalent attitude to the idea of facade becomes manifest: even though exempted from ethical charges and treasured as an architectonic element, it is still judged negatively and condemned when it returns, after a long semantic detour, to its lexical origin--the face.
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