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a group of many islands in a large body of water

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Longley not only looks back to past assumptions about modernism, but also incorporates newer ideas such as "the possibility of an archipelagic horizon.
With over 17 000 islands and more than 240 million people, Indonesia is the world's largest archipelagic state by land mass and population.
The data suggest that the islanders followed an annual mobility cycle that took advantage of seasonal biotic resources across the archipelago in areas that were targeted for non-subsistence activities: a form of archipelagic resource procurement and mobility.
Spread across the gallery floor in an archipelagic formation, Annette Messager's installation of twenty-one sculptures arrayed on small padded dollies, Mes Transports, 2012-13, conjured the gory aftermath of a mysterious disaster.
The archipelagic nation is prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes because of its location on the so-called "Ring of Fire".
As mentioned previously, such right of innocent passage, passage that is non-prejudicial to the peace, good order, or security of the coastal state, as well as right of transit passage, is not available to foreign warships in the coastal state's internal/inland waters, although they do retain innocent passage rights in the twelve nautical mile territorial sea that extends seawards from Canada's archipelagic baseline.
Yet there may be some justification for it in an era when knowledge of Dutch has ceased to be a sine qua non of entry into archipelagic Southeast Asian studies.
Over the last two decades there has been been a serious readjustment of "British" Romantic studies away from anglo-centrism towards a more archipelagic view of relations between England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
Maintaining security and stability in Indonesia, a country with more than 245 million people, consisting of more than 300 ethnic groups, who are living in an archipelagic state of more than 17,000 islands has not been easy.
It is an archipelagic country with more than 13,000 islands with the distance between the Eastern and Western ends equalling the distance between Doha and Lagos in Nigeria or between Doha and Paris or between Doha and Ulanbator in Mongolia.
Organization is according to 12 focused themes: history, maritime zones, boundaries, freedom of navigation, archipelagic states, marine resources, marine environment, scientific research, regulation and enforcement, military activities, dispute resolution, and oceans governance.
OAs a vast archipelagic country, we are blessed with an abundance of beautiful destinations, each with their own unique attractions and culture that suit the cruise industry market.
Like Okinawa individually, the Ryukyu chain as a whole presents itself as an archipelagic screen for commercial and naval ships transiting the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean.
49) Article 8 makes an exception for archipelagic states, of which Canada does not qualify.
Any illegal act of violence or detention or any act of depredation, or threat thereof, other than an act of piracy, committed for private ends and directed against a ship or against persons or property on board such a ship, within a State's internal waters, archipelagic waters and territorial sea;