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of or relating to the cells in a sporangium that give rise to spores

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The number of chloroplasts is reduced from several in the differentiating archesporial cells to only a single plastid in each premeiotic sporocyte.
Archesporial cells are continually produced in this basal meristem and mature spores are released from the slit-like apertures in the apical region of the sporangium.
The bombshell was primed by Overton (1893) who reported that pollen mother cells possessed a reduced number of chromosomes relative to archesporial cells.
The size and shape of stamen primordia for both types of flowers are almost the same, and the first noticeable difference during their development usually occurs at the archesporial cell stage (Hill & Lord, 1990; Lord, 1982; Minter & Lord, 1983).
In Convallaria and Canna the archesporial cell divides into a proximal megasporocyte and a distal parietal cell, which then repeatedly divides anticlinally to form a single layer of cells between the megasporocyte and the nucellar epidermis.