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related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology

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Almost everywhere that people walk near the Wall is archeologically important.
It was densely populated in its time, about 5,000 years ago, but it is archeologically inaccessible.
The restoration was more like an archeologically dig with the students excavating an overgrown path which one resident said she had never seen in 31 years.
The stately peeling away of the layered, almost archeologically stratified truths within Le Confessionnal has an almost romantic languor compared to the pointed attacks of claustrophobia by which Le Polygraphe progresses.
The coherence of the Q material with what is known literarily and archeologically argues for such a context.
The Last Chance Canyon area is considered significant archeologically because of the large number and diversity of sites, from remnants of ancient American Indian encampments to deposits of prehistoric fossils.
We need about pounds 6,000 to get on with the second phase of the work and are also seeking the permission of Cadw because it is archeologically sensitive ground.
For this year's rally, the distance to be covered will be shortened from 4,300 kilometers to some 2,700 km and include a stretch near Lop Nur, a dried salt lake region that is archeologically significant.
I realise the council only has limited funds, but archeologically, this is one of the most important sites in the country.
She took Homer along by memory and returned to found a hilltop poetry institute, as archeologically proven by the unearthing of Sappho coins.
SeaSearch Scientific Corporation (SSC), with its experienced world-renown management team carries out archeologically sensitive recovery of valuable international cargoes and artefacts from shipwrecks located in South-Eastern USA, United Kingdom, Bahamas, Caribbean, Spain, Brazil, the Middle East and the South China Sea.