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the site of an archeological exploration

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In turn, Al Hammami stressed that Syria's cultural heritage is of great value to humanity and the world, and that the UNESCO is keen on preserving and protecting Syrian archeological sites and artifacts.
Summary: The Culture Ministry's ArcheoMedSites project held activities at the Bass archeological site in Tyre over the weekend to mark World Heritage Day.
DHAMAR, Aug, 1 CoDhamar archeological sites are vulnerable to random digs by robbers, so much so that there are continuous theft attempts at the sites about every two months, said Hisham Al-Thawr, the General Director of the General Authority for Antique and Museums, also known as GAAM.
If you love photography, and love archeological sites, you will be drawn to this book.
We report a point-source outbreak of coccidioidomycosis among workers who participated in soil-disrupting activities at an archeological site in Dinosaur National Monument in northeastern Utah during June and July 2001.
The archeological site is the largest in the north coast, stretching over 189 acres, the SCA said.
Professor Elindra Afzine, Chairperson of the Italian mission from Piza University spoke about Salout Archeological Site in the wilayat of Bahla in Al Dakhiliyah region.
The trip will be launched in front of the National Museum in Damascus and it will include visiting Krak des Chevaliers in Homs, the archeological site of Ugarit in Lattakia, Tartous Museum and Amrit archeological site.
In Baku, Luven University (Belgium) and researcher of the Royal Museum of History & Art Alexander Turovets, professor of the Institute stated that Egypt, Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Afghanistan have been the center of the archeological site as well as research during the last 20-30 years.
Lane said they did not find any difficulty in finding this archeological site as the Ras Al Khaimah Government which is also sponsoring the excavation project has been protecting the site for years.
Forest Service requires a permit for any activity within a mile of an archeological site, he said.
The conservancy retains a team from a museum, university or other institution to investigate an archeological site.
SWEIDA, (SANA) -- The national excavation mission working at Tal Debet Breika archeological site in Sweida uncovered ruins of a residential house dating back to the Aramaic period (700 BC) in addition to a number of potteries and jars.
If this continues, there won't be an archeological site left that won't be damaged.
We wanted to clean up the trash (in the caves) to help preserve them as an archeological site,'' said Vince Curtis, head of Friends of Ahmanson Ranch, which wants to preserve the 5,433-acre property from development.