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related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology

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Two corpses with questionable lesions and that had been contained within permafrost in Siberia have been unearthed: one was unearthed naturally during flooding, and the other during an archeologic excavation.
Precon-struction site work included archeologic and environmental evaluations.
Available archeologic evidence suggests that distillation may have been performed as early as 5000 years ago.
Archeologic evidence indicates that the Atacameno people have lived in the region for over 9,000 years (14), and the only drinking water sources in this extremely dry desert region are rivers originating from springs in the Andes Mountains, many of which contain high levels of inorganic arsenic.
He studied reports of archeologic excavations and reviewed poems, medieval bestiaries, and paintings and concluded that these rats were scarce during the Black Death era.