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Synonyms for archenemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

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Emperor Ming the Merciless was the archenemy American bird Meleagris gallopavo?
In the opening story our hero is drugged and frozen alive in 1902 by his archenemy The Face (Peter Ducrow).
Sorcerer Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage), who has been battling evil for centuries, must train nerdy protege Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel) for a final battle with archenemy Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina).
CLIFF BARNES - From the beginning of the series he was cast as JR's archenemy after rivalry between the two men's fathers.
As Iran's archenemy, the Jewish state fears it will be targeted by Iran and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly made references to Israel's destruction.
The 4-meter-long drone can carry up to four missiles and has a range of 1,000 kilometers--not far enough to reach archenemy Israel.
15 Ex- special ops man MacGruber is called back into action to take down his archenemy, who is in possession of a nuclear warhead and is prepared to use it.
But it is widely seen as a way for the cleric to back someone other than his archenemy, incumbent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
Both Ethiopia and its archenemy Eritrea have repeatedly been accused of using Somalia to fight a proxy war.
But when one of the kids mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula from his computer, Bob's archenemy, a Russian terrorist, moves in for the attack, forcing Bob to juggle the roles of spy and prospective stepfather in the most challenging mission of his career.
He strongly refuted that his offer of reconciliation between Taliban and government had anything to do with his association with Taliban, citing Indias favouring of the military operation by Pakistani forces; a factor that could not be ascertained as a favour to its archenemy, Pakistan.
The following year, he was Marlon Brando's archenemy in Viva Zapata, while, from the mid-1950s, he was increasingly active in television in series such as The Untouchables and The Twilight Zone.
Flintoff is being given until the last possible moment to prove his fitness for the crucial encounter in Yorkshire, where a win for England will seal a glorious series victory, but on the evidence of yesterday's net session the Lancastrian is struggling to overcome a knee injury in time to face the archenemy.
Red tape, he said, is the first archenemy for trade and the economy and has to be eradicated by all means and stressed the need to ease up banking and financial constraints imposed on loans.
The picture opens in the deserts of Tunisia where Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) rails in his diary, "Hitler is not only the archenemy of the entire world but the archenemy of Germany.