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a female sex organ occurring in mosses, ferns, and most gymnosperms

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The aquatic-dwelling ancestry of the ferns is revealed by a reproductive system in which motile sperm are produced within the antheridia, swim to the neck of the archegonium, and fertilize the egg to produce a new diploid zygote (see Figure 14-3).
It is nothing more than a spore capsule with auxiliary means serving nourishment (the foot), exposition (seta), and spore release (capsule opening mechanisms and elaters) which become exclusively differentiated and developed inside the archegonium.
embryo The basic sporophytic plant that develops from a zygote inside an archegonium or an ovule.
In the micropylar end of the seed, there are two separate membranous structures; the one closely adhering to the sclerotesta is the unvascularised part of the pleurotesta, derived from the inner layers of the integument whilst the other one represents the remains of the nucellus (perisperm), firmly attached to the female gametophyte and covering the archegonium chamber.
A single-celled oogonium (not a multicellular archegonium, as found in embryophytes) surrounds the single egg cell; however, the nonmotile female gamete, and oogamous reproduction, are similar to embryophytes.