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Synonyms for archegonial

of or relating to an archegonium


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Gametophytes bearing various archegonial stages were placed in 3% glutaraldehyde in 0.
Crystals are frequently seen in plastids both in the archegonial initial and the somatic cells (Fig.
Because it forms late in development just before archegonial maturity, it may be evanescent.
When the egg is newly formed, the periphery of the three cells is closely appressed to the archegonial jacket cells (Fig.
Antheridia developed on separate gametophytic prothalli, which were elongated and much longer than archegonial prothalli.
Multicellular chlorophyllous hairs appear on dorsal or ventral surfaces in the archegonial region near the notch when the prothallus matures, and the hairs are scaly when they get old.
Differences among species include spore size, germination time, formation time of the gametangia, gametophyte margin shape, number of archegonial neck cells and shapes of the antheridial dehiscence.
The length of the archegonial neck was about 70 [micro]m long.