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a wife or widow of an archduke or a princess of the former ruling house of Austria

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In Budapest, through a remarkable sequence of events, the archduchess, Maria Dorothea, came to support a Church of Scotland mission to the Jews of Pest.
And it was there, on their first evening, as they lounged among the elegant, cosmopolitan crowd waiting for the gong to be rung for dinner, that Thomas's attention was drawn to a nearby Polish family, which consisted, in the momentary absence of the mother (who, like the Archduchess of Austria, appears to have been an adept of the delayed entrance), of three starchily outfitted daughters and one very young son.
Catherine Chamuzard, the citizeness who served on the ramparts of Lille, was a heroine; the Archduchess Christine, sister of Marie Antoinette, who reportedly fired shots for the other side (Illustrations #3-5), was condemned as unnatural and bloodthirsty.
Sacha Sanborn of Columbus, OH The Bride - Michael Harris of Miami, FL Tyrant - Brad Wagner of Missoula, MT Moving On - Dick Pitini of Powatan, VA Everythings Magic - Nicole Matthews of Rocky River, OH Plague Doctor Mask Portrait - Daivd Pritchard of Austin, TX The Collector - Mary Beth Koeth of Miami Beach, FL Archduchess Antoinette - Michael Rosner of Burbank, CA
Taken together, this scholarship contextualises the collecting of the founder of the Albertina, Prince Albert Casimir of Saxony, Duke of Teschen (1738-1822), grandson of Augustus the Strong of Saxony, and his wife, Archduchess Maria Christina (1742-98), 'favourite' daughter of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.
The mentioned Queen is Maria Barbara of Braganza, daughter of King John V of Portugal and Mary Ann of Habsburg, Archduchess of Austria, wife of King Ferdinand VI of Spain.
The Janacek Opera of the National Theatre Brno concluded the 2010/2011 theatre season in unconventional spirit-with a free reconstruction of La Dafne of 1598, regarded as the first performed in front of her Serene Highness the Archduchess of Tuscany in Florence, where it had been created in the circle of artists meeting in the palace of Count Corsi-Ottavio Rinucci's libretto on a story from Ovid's Metamorphoses has survived to this day.
Archduchess Maria Magdalena assumed the more active role, engaging herself in a series of artistic commissions primarily of religious subjects.
It's rather breezily suggested here that this is not such a problem because paintings are lent to exhibitions, but I wouldn't count on, say, Portrait of Archduchess Eleonora of Mantua by Jakob Seisenegger or Head of Woman by Jesus Guerrero Galvan coming to a gallery near you in the very near future.
15 Based on Antonia Fraser's book about the Archduchess of Austria and later Queen of France, Marie Antoinette (Dunst) tells the story of the most misunderstood and abused woman in history.
The slides demonstrated the beautiful scenery and architecture of the region, including the exquisite home of Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia.
Cosimo's marriage in 1608 to Archduchess Maria Maddalena of Austria, sister of Emperor Ferdinand II, allied the Medici family with the Hapsburg dynasty.
But we can also reflect that, since "Spanischer" was added to the score by another hand and castanets appear in the published parts but not the autograph full score, the Spanish connection probably came about only as a result of the dedication to Queen Christina of Spain--an Austrian archduchess.
In the midst of the historical survey the author never loses sight of the Austrian Archduchess who became for a short time the Empress of the French.
Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, Mynt Ultra Lounge, The Shore Club Hotel and HRH Archduchess Francesca Thyssen, among others.