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the diocese of an archbishop

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Therefore, the archdiocese is opposed to any proposal to close Mary Immaculate Catholic High School because as the Optima Report says, 'The continuing existence of the three Catholic (high) schools is seen as pivotal to these developments and to the ability of the archdiocese and schools to fulfil their commitment.
The extreme generosity, however, doesn't sit right with all its parishioners, some of whom expressed in meetings with McNamara that they didn't want to give the archdiocese a dime to cover its sex-scandal tab.
So, Chaskes, Carlson, Spritzer & Ghio decided it needed to depose Archbishop Raymond Burke in order to clarify if the archdiocese was, in fact, simply trying to cover up cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.
District Court in Nebraska that the archdiocese knew of the priest's alleged abuse and that church officials, including some in Portland, worked to cover it up.
The archdiocese had been made aware of a police investigation in June 2005 and assigned a priest to monitor McCormack, although he wasn't removed as pastor of St.
Montreal--On the same day, two Montreal priests were appointed auxiliaries to the Archdiocese of Montreal.
The archdiocese, headed by the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, covers the Coventry and Warwickshire area.
When damage-control efforts became too difficult for Catholic authorities in Boston, "the archdiocese sent him to California, with a letter .
The capability of CHCS to fully fund CCOPE in a manner that precludes assessing client fees is certainly unique and underscores the commitment of the Archdiocese to its mission of serving those most in need.
Interest from the fund is being used to replace subsidies received from the archdiocese.
The archdiocese asserts that 99 percent of said priests are no longer in active ministry and that the vast majority, nearly three-quarters, are dead.
Former Superintendent of Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Schools Will Run the Nation's Largest Private School System
The Archdiocese of Chicago released 6,000 pages of documents in relation to credible charges of sexual abuse by 30 priests as part of a 2006 settlement with victims.
5 million of its savings to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to help fund last year's multimillion-dollar settlement of clergy sex abuse cases.