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the diocese of an archbishop

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21 to archdiocesan clergy led to questions about how independent the six-member task force would be.
Archdiocesan news coverage will be shifted to the archdiocese's website, Magnoni said.
Karin Grosscup, spokeswoman for the Council of the Baptized, told NCR of the hopes the group has for the archdiocesan council.
The archbishop expressed his surprise and disappointment that an organization in direct opposition to the defined teaching of the church would be welcome at one of our parishes," archdiocesan spokesman Jerry Topczewski told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
The April 2 arrests came after an archdiocesan representative signed a citizen's arrest form for trespassing.
In February, Chicago's Cardinal Francis George hosted an admitted abuser at his residence, a priest working on a temporary assignment in an archdiocesan of rice next door to a grade school.
In 1998, in a pastoral letter in his Archdiocesan Catholic News, he said that "Your bishops were not in September 1968 and are not now in contradiction of Church teaching.
But other archdiocesan officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the exclusion stemmed from Cardinal John O'Connor's annoyance at Clinton's veto of a bill that would have outlawed certain late-term abortions.
Martin O'Loghlen, a former member of the Los Angeles archdiocesan sexual abuse advisory board and former head of the Western U.
As Lyke, archdiocesan coordinator of marriage ministry, describes the effort, archdiocesan officials are asking: What is the church saying about marriage in elementary and high school classrooms?
In our November issue we printed the editor's reply to the statement issued by the Toronto Archdiocesan Communications Office on October 1 (Letters to the Editor, pp.
Because I find it intolerable to have our constitutional right to the free exercise so severely compromised, I am directing our archdiocesan attorneys to appeal last week's injunction handed down by Judge Robert O'Brien,'' Mahony said.
More than 56,000 students are educated in 188 parish and archdiocesan elementary schools throughout 10 counties.
There's no inexpensive way to address those cases," says Brian Reynolds, archdiocesan chancellor and chief administrator.
Aside from this unity of purpose with the pro-life movement, the statement from the Archdiocesan Communications Office flatly contradicts those who oppose Mr.