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(Anglican Church) an ecclesiastical dignitary usually ranking just below a bishop

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It means that she is one of three archdeacons and covers the Llandaff, Penarth and Barry areas.
The Venerable Peggy Jackson, Archdeacon of Llandaff, who was born and brought up in Loughborough in the Midlands, is Wales' first female archdeacon and is in charge of large parishes in the Vale of Glamorgan.
Traditionally the diocese has had two archdeacons - one for the Coventry area and one for the Warwick area.
Archdeacon Pastor John Green said: "Archdeacons' ministry is often thought of as enforcing church law for the sake of order.
1% of bishops, archdeacons and cathedral deans posts are filled by ethnic minorities.
I will be focusing my energy on the support of the clergy with regular meetings of the regional deans and archdeacons," Archbishop Clarke wrote.
He also said that he would be meeting with Archdeacon Derek Hoskin, currently Calgary's diocesan administrator; Archdeacon Barry Foster, the executive officer, and Stephen Koning, finance director, to discuss a plan for a bishop's commissary, or administration team.
The boss is the Bishop of St Asaph, the Right Rev Gregory Cameron, who to her astonishment invited her to become one of his three archdeacons - taking responsibility for a third of the diocese in the Wrexham area and based at Llandegla where she will also be rector and take a weekly Sunday service.
Privett, who has described himself as a "lifelong Christian and a child of the rectory," has been one of two territorial archdeacons serving under Edmonton Bishop Victoria Matthews.
The committee outlined a set of recommendations to standardize and prevent the erosion of the salaries and benefits of council members, among them, making sure that RAs are part of synod budgets of all council dioceses and increasing the base of the RAs each year by 30 per cent for bishops, 20 per cent for administrative archdeacons or their equivalents and 15 per cent for deans and regional archdeacons.
Last year he was appointed Archdeacon of Bangor, one of two archdeacons in the diocese.
He has attended special training events with archdeacons and regional deans and attended the College for Bishops at the General Theological Seminary, New York.
Criticism of the ACIP position came quickly from the diocese of Keewatin, where the diocesan council includes three aboriginal archdeacons, including Archdeacon Larry Beardy, a member of the team that negotiated the agreement.
Archdeacons Susan De Gruchy and Harry Huskins have been appointed priests-in-charge at the Church of the Epiphany pending the investigation and adjudication.
Although he said he is still trying to understand the diocesan governing structure -- who does what and on what committee they do it -- Bishop Phillips said he is impressed by the communication and consultation he has with the dean and the archdeacons.