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the territorial jurisdiction of an archdeacon

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Lord Leigh presided yesterday at the Masonic Lodge, Leamington, at a meeting on behalf of the Ordination Candidate Fund for the Archdeaconries of Coventry and Worcester.
They reorganised Wales into dioceses and archdeaconries on the European model.
Lawrence, combining what had been two archdeaconries.
Even when one creates more and more dioceses and archdeaconries, the hierarchy of the clergy dictates centralization, unless the divergent voices of influential laypeople have a rightful place.
Burns conducts a prosopographical study of appointments to archdeaconries, which reveals a "combination of care and boldness" that "paid dividends, for archdeacons were the dogsbodies of the Diocesan Revival, transforming the schemes of bishops and Ecclesiastical Commission into concrete achievement" (74).