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the territorial jurisdiction of an archbishop

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The school in question, was state-run but has reportedly been transferred to the management of the archbishopric although it is not open yet.
He took the occasion to thank Metropolitan Naum and the other bishops of the Macedonian Orthodox Church-Ohrid Archbishopric for the warm welcome at the Vodoca Monastery in Strumica.
Hubert Walter could command the resources and influence of the archbishopric of Canterbury, and, as King John's chancellor, enlist royal power to aid his cause.
SIDON, Lebanon: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai traveled to Sidon's Archbishopric for an unannounced weekend visit, amid an atmosphere of tension in the local administration.
In 1967, the Archbishopric declared autocephaly from the Serbian Orthodox Church, but has not been recognized as separate by other churches.
Of Polish nationality, the victim had his throat cut and thrown in the school warehouse, reports the Tunis Archbishopric, adding in a communique that the Salesian community, the family of the victim and Poland's Ambassador in Tunisia have been informed of this tragedy.
However, restrictions contained in the Law on Religious Communities and Religious Groups continued to be applied to a group known as the "Orthodox Archbishopric of Ohrid," which denies the MOC's self-declared autocephaly (also not recognized by other Orthodox churches).
For two years, Chavez refused to allow the Church to fill an archbishopric in Caracas.
The Windsor Report, released by the Lambeth Commission last October 2004, unequivocally stated that, "the historic position of the Archbishopric of Canterbury must not be regarded as a figurehead, but as the central focus of both unity and mission within the Communion.
In the "Origins of heartlessness: the culture and way of life of beggars in late seventeenth-century Salzburg," Schindler analyses one of the last major witch-hunts, the "Zauberjackl" trials in the Archbishopric of Salzburg (1675-90) that claimed hundreds of victims.
Williams, the archbishop of Wales who is scheduled to succeed George Carey in the Canterbury archbishopric, has received criticism from church conservatives over his perceived support for gays, including his admission that he has ordained a practicing homosexual.
The Archbishopric of Canterbury is an intimidating and enormous job, and it would be a very foolish man who thought he was adequate to its demands, " said Dr Williams.
In 1080 Bruno was offered the archbishopric of Rheims himself, but his experiences had persuaded him to withdraw from the busy world and become a hermit.
Giuliano's own interests in France, including the bishopric of Carpentras and archbishopric of Avignon, as well as his legations there in the later 1470s, meant that he kept French culture in his sights, even though he was not initially a promoter of the royal cause.